In 2010, a 25-page booklet entitled MARG (which means “the path”) and has been since referred to as “The MARG document” was authored by Timothy Paul and distributed on an informal basis to friends, supporters and those who have sought insight into a remarkably effective perspective on ministry to Hindus. To date, this document has been read by thousands, and has become part of the necessary conversation for those who seek a contextualized gospel approach among Hindus.

A full book-length treatment of the subject is now here, but “The MARG document” in its original form is also being offered here as a pdf download.

MARG download

Drawing on thirty years’ experience among Hindus, Timothy Shultz writes this book as a testimony of the kingdom of God growing in a non-Christian environment. Disciple Making among Hindus: Making Authentic Relationships Grow describes how Hindu people experience and respond to Jesus Christ. What are the core values and rhythms of their cultural world? What are the patterns of community and discipleship that help them draw closer to Jesus? Through moving personal stories, biblical reflection, and practical wisdom, Shultz introduces us to the centrality of family, the covenantal relationships that make up Hindu social life, and the yearning for authentic spiritual experience.

While this book will benefit anyone wanting to make disciples among Hindus, it is far more than a strategy of contextualization or a blueprint for successful evangelism. Read it to discover the beauty of Hindus as Jesus sees them—and the beauty of Jesus through Hindu eyes. – William Carey Library

This is the modern-day ‘manual’ for walking alongside Hindus as they explore a relationship with Jesus. This book is essential for anyone even remotely curious in what it takes to walk alongside Hindus.

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